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Now with Push Notifications!

Bluesky, like you've never seen it before.

Graysky is a 3rd party Bluesky client that's absolutely jam-packed with features.

Your feeds are front and center

screenshot of Graysky's feeds screenscreenshot of Graysky's Art feed with an inline translationscreenshot of Graysky post editor with a GIFscreenshot of Graysky's profile screenscreenshot of Graysky's notification screenscreenshot of Graysky's edit alt text screenscreenshot of Graysky's media tab on the profile screenscreenshot of Graysky's search screen


Translate posts without leaving the app


View and post animated GIFs

View likes

View anyone's likes, not just your own

Hashtag support

Post hashtags - they're clickable too!

Feed-first design

Browse and manage your custom feeds

See your invitees

See who you've invited to Bluesky

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In the media


Graysky, a third-party client for X rival Bluesky, gets Trending Topics and a ‘Pro’ subscription

Sarah Perez · Dec 13, 2023


Bluesky gets its first third-party app for iOS and Android with Graysky, launching this month

Sarah Perez · Oct 12, 2023


Bluesky scoops up the developer of popular third-party app, Graysky

Sarah Perez · Mar 12, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Graysky then?

It's an alternative client for Bluesky. Same content, more features.

What features does it have?

Inline translations, GIFs, and a thousand thoughtful quality of life improvements.

Is it safe to log in with my Bluesky account?

It is, but it's recommended to create an App Password to restrict how much access the app has to your account.

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